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Not just a tasty bowl of pho, explore the nutritional benefits from pho broth made from bones.








Our pho is one of the healthiest foods you can eat due to the collagen in our broth. Collagen comes from the marrow of bones, and our bone broth is our pride and joy. Leveraging his 15 years’ experience and expertise in the meat industry, Hai carefully developed a bone to water and extraction technique to produce a broth noted for clarity but also rich and full-bodied.


Who said good health can’t be tasty? The secret to a perfect pho broth involves extracting substantial amounts of collagen from the bones. With too little collagen, a broth will lack sufficient body. Our superior extraction technique ensures our broth contain sufficient levels of collagen both for texture, flavor, and health benefits.


Collagen boasts a wide range of healing properties when consumed. Some of these benefits include enrichment of the skin, fortifying the microbiome within the gut, encouraging the growth of hair and nails, and an increase in muscle strength. Collagen can also help reduce the causes of joint pain.


This family recipe – based stock forms the basis of all of our premium menu offerings. This delicious foundation sets the stage for our rich and traditional Vietnamese meals.



Collagen is not the only health booster you’ll find in our broth. Bones contain a number of minerals your body needs for optimum functionality.   And the slow boiling process we use to make our broth extracts a full range of minerals extracted from bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Every bowl of pho contains a rich blend of calcium, phosphorus, and iron to help your bones, dentin, teeth enamel, and may even help to restore minerals in your teeth.



Our secret family pho recipe incorporates a wide range of fresh herbs and vegetables rich in vitamins you need for proper health. Vitamins are an essential ingredient for a properly functioning body and our dishes are full of them. Vitamins A, C, and E are just a few of the nutrients our delicious pho offers to help your teeth, gums, and to protect against the common cold.


Some of the vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables we incorporate in our meals include bean sprouts, green onions, lime juice and chili peppers. And super healthy herbs such as basil, mint, and cilantro offered as toppings round out the nutrition power punch.

Other Benefits

Other Benefits


Almost all of the processed foods these days remove the fiber your body needs for a healthy functional digestive system. At Phoxotic, we only use fresh fruits and vegetables in our meals ensuring that you get all the fiber you need along with all the vitamins and minerals.


More and more people every day are finding out that they are sensitive to gluten, so we make sure the noodles we use in our pho are entirely gluten-free.


Are you a vegan or vegetarian? We offer dishes with no meat so that you can enjoy the same tasty pho without compromising your diet.

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