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Our Story

Authenic Pho,
Back to the Roots

Phoxotic was developed by Hai and Gia, two hard working individuals with big dreams. Hai has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and retail processing for meat products, applying expertise on safety standards and food management. Gia offers extensive experience in project management and customer service. The duo fused together their backgrounds and passion for food and quality to develop a business that offers the most authentic and flavorful pho experience available to locals within the DMV.

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About the Chef

For most of my life, I only had one idea of what traditional pho was. I had only ever had it at two places, both close to where I grew up in the DC area. But when I went to California and met Gia and her dad, my whole outlook on pho changed. Her dad made me the most delicious bowl of pho I had ever tasted. The flavor was clean and savory. It was an amazing experience that completely changed my perspective. I would spend the following weeks dreaming about going back to Cali to eat his pho, drink his pho, and bathe in the broth. Eventually, I went back to California to ask Gia’s dad to share his recipe for pho with me. This recipe would go on to influence my own rendition of traditional pho.



I began to host a series of dinner parties for family and friends, yielding amazing responses. Our guests were all in agreement: I should be doing this for a living. With the positive reception, Gia and I put our heads together to begin brainstorming a food concept that would bring this special pho recipe to the public. This would be the beginning of the vision for Phoxotic.

After more than 15 years in food and sales, seeing a sparsity of pho dining choices in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas, founders Hai and Gia teamed up to form a premier pho delivery service based on a secret family recipe from the West Coast. Phoxotic uses a special bone to water ratio and extraction technique, and aromatic ingredients sourced from their regions of origin to produce the perfect pho aroma. We deliver an unmatched traditional Vietnamese dining experience, all from the comfort of your home.

 Here are some of the reasons why you will want to give Phoxotic a try: 

 - We have the unique distinction of being the first pho meal prep company in the area as classified by Fairfax County, Virginia. No pho restaurant in the area can match the quality and convenience we offer you in delivering this traditional Vietnamese staple. Give our pho a try and we’re sure you’ll call on us again and again.


 - Phoxotic isn’t your typical takeout. We approach the entire delivery process with a commitment to maximize customer enjoyment, from packaging to storing to delivery. Whether you are enjoying our pho at home or in the office, you will feel like you are dining in a fine restaurant. No other pho delivery service in the area can match our quality.


 - Unlike restaurants who are primarily concerned with their dine-in clientele, delivery is all we do. Customers who order meals to go from a restaurant never get the full attention of the staff. At Phoxotic your delivery order is a first-class citizen, not an afterthought. We take pride in giving customers the quality of food and service they would expect from a dine-in experience, but in the comfort of their own home or office.


 - Gas prices are soaring, but you can forget about spending a fortune driving to pick up takeout or waiting in a drive-through line. Phoxotic delivers your pho directly to you, saving both on the price of your meal and in gasoline. It’s a win-win situation!


 - At Phoxotic, we provide you high quality without high prices. How are we able to do this? Since we focus entirely on serving you by delivery, we are not subject to many of the expenses that a restaurant incurs, such as maintaining a dining area, a wait staff, large cleaning staff, or amenities such as in-house television sets. And instead of pocketing those savings, Phoxotic passes those savings to you, our valued customers.


- In order to offer you the finest pho in the region, Phoxotic never skimps on our ingredients. We pack each bowl with enough meat, bones and noodles to satisfy any appetite: 4 to 5oz of meat or vegan topping, ½ lb of bone, 7 oz of noodles, and 24 oz of our special broth. You will never walk away hungry after a Phoxotic pho meal.

Why Us?

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